January 16, 2012

Job Hunting – Selling Myself

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I am job hunting and will be blogging about myself through LinkedIn and promote my skills while discussing the areas of my expertise.

I have spent many years in accounting and pride myself on my accomplishments.

One of my shining star moments in the field of business begins with a story about a credit of $21,000.00 given to a company that I worked for from AT&T. It was a credit that I personally worked hard for to make it happen. I was an Assistant Controller of Lumar Lobster and Shrimp (no longer in business) and while reviewing company phone and cell phone bills noticed discrepancies in the billing and charges per phone. They had been overcharged based on the agreement signed two years prior to my coming on board. It took three months of phone calls, faxes and e-mails before the situation was resolved in Lumar’s favor.

A second accomplishment happened when I worked for Sarasota Memorial Hospital in the accounting department. I handled the miscellaneous receivables such as the billing and posting of payments from the local fire department. Due to red tape and bureaucracy they owed the hospital over $18,000. 00. Many people had tried and failed to receive any payments for the accumulation of old invoices. I began to work on the account after being hired making calls daily and faxing my contact. Three weeks later I received a check from the fire department. Paid in full.

As you can tell my accounting positions ended two years ago after viewing my resume. I was laid off from my last position, wrote a book (autobiographical anthology) and a screenplay (thriller genre) while going to Empire State College for a second bachelor’s degree in Cultural Studies with a concentration in Writing. The first is in Business, Management and Economics. Graduation will be in 2013. My options are open as I enter a creative field.






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